Unit 6 Holidays 假期(5)-牛津少儿英语六年级上教案





  1、Review A.


  2、Do some exercises..




  Be able to talk about the holidays.




  Be able to say out “What do people usually do at…?”




  Tape-recorder, pictures




  一. Warming up


  Read A.


  二. Preparation.


  1. Greetings


  2. Free talk


  What do people usually do at…?




  Did you …last…?


  Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.


  三. Revision


  Have a dictation.


  last Mid-Autumn Festival, dress up in costumes, favourite holiday, visit relatives and friends, at the Spring Festival, get excited, have a big lunch, Christmas,

go to parties, lots of delicious food


  四. Presentation


  1. Listening.


  A. Listen and write.


  B. Listen and judge.


  C. Listen and match.


  2. Reading and writing


  A. Look, think and write.


  B. Look and write.


  eat moon cakes, watch dragon boat festival, have a party, make Easter eggs


  C. Look, read and fill in the form.


  D. Read and answer.


  五. Homework


  Review Unit 8.


  六. Writing on the blackboard.

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