Unit 9 Shapes 形状(2)-牛津少儿英语五年级上教案





  1.能听说读写单词 a star, a heart. Art , teach , fly ,


  2.熟练运用What shape is the …?It's a/an …


  3.听懂会说,会读,会写句子:Show us how to …




  1. 四会掌握单词a star, a heart. Art , teach , fly ,


  2.能听懂会说,会读,会写句子: Show us how to …




  Step 1. Warm up:


  sing the song. 《shapes》


  Step 2. Review and presentation:


  1. T: ( guess the shapes on the screen出示图形的一个角,对猜对的学生用五角星或鸡星奖励,为教新单词作铺垫)


  What shape is it?


  It's a circle /……..?


  The same to review : square, diamond, rectangle, triangle, oval ,


  并在复习中新授单词a star aheart 学生拼读


  2.T: Now it's time to begin our new lesson.


  Today we'll have an Art lesson..


  Learn : Art.


  T: I'll teach you about shapes.


  Learn: teach


  3.T: There are the shapes: (Multi Media show all the shapes)


  Let's read them together. One by one fly over the screen. And Ss read together.


  4.T: Do you know how to draw them.


  Ask someone to draw on the paper.


  5.T: Now look at the blackboard.What is the boy doing?


  He's flying a kite.


  T: Right . Now let's say a rhyme:


  Fly, fly my kite. Fly , fly very high. Up up to the sky.


  T: What shape is the kite? S: It's a square.


  T: That's right. The boy has a bag. What shape is it?Is it a square,too, …?


  S: No. It's a rectangle.


  6. T: One more picture. How many circles can you see?


  S: I can see five circles.


  T: Yes. It's a kite, too! Can you draw a circle, …?


  S: Yes. I can.


  T: Come to the blackboard and show us how to do it.


  Ask one more student. Learn : Show us how to …


  7.T: Now, look.!( 在圆圈上画几笔) Is this a sun?


  What shape is the sun?


  What shape is the moon?


  Say a rhyme:


  Sun sun sun is a circle.


  Moon moon moon is a circle.

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